Mike Portnoy Pays Respect To Chick Corea After His Death

Ex-Dream Theater drummer and current member of Sons Of Apollo, Mike Portnoy, shared his feelings about the passing of jazz legend Chick Corea via his official Twitter account.

Chick Corea considered one of the best musicians in the jazz genre, and he composed lots of iconic songs such as Spain, 500 Miles High, La Fiesta, and more. Unfortunately, he passed away due to cancer three days ago.

After learning the devastating news, Mike wanted to share his feelings about the legend himself and paid his tribute to Corea by praising his musical talent as well as showing his respect for him.

In the post, Mike stated that Corea was one of the pioneers of jazz keyboards and mentioned his supergroup, Return To Forever, by saying that it has such a huge influence on the musicians.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said:

“Oh no! 😥 So sad to hear of the passing of Chick Corea One of the pioneers of jazz/fusion keyboards. Return To Forever was one of the first real Supergroups and such a huge influence.”

You can check out the post below.