Adam Lambert Reflects On Performing Cher’s Classic Song ‘Believe’

Adam Lambert recently talked about singing Cher’s ‘Believe’ and making her cry with his performance. He stated his excitement and honor for performing a Cher song.

The young vocalist Adam Lambert has many aces up his sleeve, as he’s praised for his phenomenal songwriting skills and high-range vocal abilities. Queen’s Brian May had described Lambert’s voice as a jaw-dropping power in the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that Lambert has been working with Queen since that year, trying to honor Freddie’s legacy.

In 2019, Lambert honored another legacy and sang Cher’s ‘Believe’ in Kennedy Center Honors while she was in the audience. Many performances in the Kennedy Center have been emotional and made their creators cry. For instance, Led Zeppelin members also got emotional when Heart sang their iconic song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in 2012. It seems to create a different and more intense atmosphere for the performer as well.

Lambert talked about his performance back in December to Attitude, and their conversation recently resurfaced by the magazine. He had stated that even though he doesn’t normally get nervous while performing, singing ‘Believe’ in front of Cher was nerve-wracking, and his heart was in his throat. He described how big of an honor it was covering the song he listened to when he was a teenager in front of its creator.

Adam Lambert talked about his feelings by stating:

“It was wild. I was so f*cking nervous when I walked out on stage. And I’ll be honest, I don’t get nervous these days, because I’ve been doing it for a while. But my heart was in my throat.

It was an honor. The weird part for me is it was full circle. Around the time I graduated high school, she put out the ‘Believe’ album. I loved it. It was so yummy and pop.”

You can watch Lambert’s ‘Believe’ performance below.