Why Chris Cornell Was Angry At Layne Staley’s Funeral

Chris Cornell was angry at the funeral of his long-time friend, the Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley.

In newly surfaced MySpace posts of Cornell, it appeared that the Soundgarden singer touched on his friendship with Staley a lot. After Staley passed, the rocker showed up to his funeral, and after the funeral, he wrote on his blog and disclosed why he was so angry. He wrote:

“At Layne’s funeral, I was angry. I kept hearing the ‘twice-as-bright-half-as-long’ speech and the ‘he-was-just-too-special-for-this-world’ nonsense that I had heard at so many other funerals for so many other friends that were so young and talented.”

It seems that Cornell himself also did not know who he was angry at. He continued:

“I’m not sure why I was that angry. Angry at Layne? Angry at all my other friends for leaving me? Angry at the people running around in circles saying ‘I knew him best’ or ‘I was the only one he really trusted,’ angry at all of them for squandering what I thought of as brilliant futures that would make the world feel to me like a place worth living?”

Cornell Wanted to Apologize to Staley

What pushed him to write about him in his blog was the dream he had about his friend after his passing. In the dream he had, Cornell saw Staley ‘alive and well,’ and he was confused to see his friend after a long time. The late singer described his look in the dream as having shoulder-length hair, being clean-shaven, clear-eyed, and looking about 20 years old.

“Or maybe I was just mad at myself because he was dead, and one time I had a chance to pick him up, dust him off and let him know that there was a person who cared about how much pain he was in and I didn’t do it… If I ever run into him in a dream again, I hope I remember to apologize.”

What Did Cornell See In The Dream?

The late singer recounted how he had a dream in which Staley, his late friend, appeared happy and mentioned working on a new music project. Shortly after waking up, Cornell, in his words, couldn’t shake the feeling that he genuinely communicated with the Alice In Chains singer, believing that his friend was in a good place.

The dream apparently took him back to the passing of the Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood, when Cornell and a group of friends went to the band’s manager Kelly Curtis’ house to grieve together, and it was during the meeting when Staley came with tears pouring down his eyes.

Now both singers have passed away, and the recently surfaced posts revealed a glimpse of Cornell’s true feelings towards Staley.