Dee Snider Justifies Israel’s Controversial Attacks, ‘You Don’t Get To Say That’s Enough’

Dee Snider recently discussed his own take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while talking to TMZ. The rocker also stated why he loved that the Israel Defense Forces were using Twisted Sister’s hit song, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It.’

Snider Defends Israel’s Controversial Attacks

The singer was initially discussing why he loved the U.S. military using his hit track when the topic came to how the Israeli militia also enjoyed using the song as an anthem. Then, Snider mentioned why he sided with Israel’s ‘attacks’ on the Gaza Strip, saying:

“You know what? The assault on Israelis. People are losing sight of something. People saying that, ‘Oh, the response is going to be too intense for what happened.’ Well, you don’t get to decide on the response, people, when you do heinous things to civilians. You don’t get to say, ‘Oh, that’s enough.'”

Hamas Crossed The Line, Snider Feels

He continued by further supporting Israel, saying Hamas’ ‘attack’ had made everything justified:

“When you cross that line, you’re burning people, you’re slaughtering people, you’re raping people. You’re just killing people. That’s what happened with that festival. You don’t get to say, ‘[Okay], your revenge, it could be this much.’ Payback’s a motherf*cker. You cross that line shit’s gonna happen.”

You can check out his statement below.