Jeff Pilson Says Mick Jones Is In Good Health And Will Join Foreigner Live Shows

Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson recently joined WPDH for an interview and revealed Mick Jones is healthy enough to join Foreigner’s upcoming live performances.

On March 20, 2021, Foreigner announced that they had been working on new music material. The band then embarked on a tour in 2021, but Mick Jones didn’t join them. As a result, no members from Foreigner’s original or classic line-up performed during the tour.

Throughout his career with Foreigner, Mick Jones has suffered from several health issues, causing him to be absent during tours. In 2011, Joel Hoekstra had to fill in for Jones briefly because he was ill. Soon after, the band brought Bruce Watson as Jones’ stand-in for their tour. In 2012, Jones underwent aortoiliac bypass surgery, so Watson continued with the band.

Currently, Foreigner is continuing to tour, and Jones finally joined them on March 9, 2022, at the show at St. Augustine Amphitheater. Moreover, they recorded new songs with the singer Kelly Hansen, who has been working with the band since 2005. In a recent interview with WPDH, Jeff Pilson talked about their new songs and Jones’ current health status.

Jeff Pilson told WPDH that Mick Jones is in good health, and he will accompany them for the upcoming live shows. Pilson then said Jones is doing great, although he still sporadically has issues. So, although Jones hadn’t been able to perform with the band due to frequent hospital visits, fans will finally see him on stage with the band.

Here is what Jeff Pilson told WPDH about Mick Jones’ health status:

“He’s actually in quite good health right now. He’ll be at shows. It’s sporadic, but he’s doing great.”

In 2014, Jones had a virtual nervous breakdown, causing him to lose the ability to play with the band. However, the 77-year-old musician is now in good health and ready to perform with Foreigner on the remaining dates.