Ted Nugent: ‘I Love Taylor Hawkins’ Daughter And Wife More Than He Did’

During his recent live stream on YouTube, Ted Nugent shared his thoughts about the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins‘ addiction and death. The musician claimed that he loves Hawkins’ wife and daughter more than the drummer did by revealing why he is thinking like that.

Unfortunately, rock music lovers worldwide were shaken by the news about Taylor Hawkins after Foo Fighters announced his early and unexpected death on March 25, 2022, in Bogota, Colombia, during the band’s tour. Although the cause of death wasn’t revealed, there are some claims about it due to recent reports and news. Colombian journalist Luis Carlos Velez stated that police saw white powder in Hawkins’ hotel room, referring to cocaine.

In addition, according to the Colombian authorities’ toxicology report, there were ten types of substances in Hawkins’ body. Still, none of them was officially approved by his family and bandmates. Therefore, as a person who has been firmly against drugs throughout his life, Ted Nugent wanted to talk about young Americans’ addiction problems when journalists worked on some news about Hawkins’ possible drug-related death. 

Nugent stated that the addicts could hang out with Hawkins tonight, but he added that he loved the Foo Fighters drummer and wished he could have survived or never used drugs in the first place. Nugent said he loves Hawkins’ wife, Alison, and daughter more than the musician did before he passed away. He probably refers to Hawkins’ causing his death with substances, which is a claim only, without thinking of his family.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“If you wanna save young Americans’ lives, weak and stupid young Americans who get high and end up getting near death and dead from fentanyl. ‘Well, I didn’t know the cocaine had fentanyl!’ You shouldn’t have been doing cocaine. Maybe you can jam with Taylor Hawkins tonight. I love Taylor Hawkins, his wife, and his daughter. I obviously love his wife and daughter more than he did. It’s really is outrageous. I’m not being cruel towards Hawkins, and I wish he would have lived, wouldn’t get high, never started doing heroin, snort, and coke.”

You can watch the video below.