Taylor Hawkins’ Death Could Be Related To Drugs As Reported By The Colombian Authorities

Foo Fighters fans were devastated to hear Taylor Hawkins’ sudden death on March 25, in a hotel room in Columbia. The details about the cause of death are starting to surface, and the first bit of information provided by the Columbian authorities indicated that it could be related to drugs.

Taylor Hawkins suddenly passed away at 50 and shocked the entire rock and roll world. He was in Columbia with his band, staying at a hotel and waiting to play at their scheduled concert in the country’s capital Bogota. However, the sad news arrived before they could perform, and the show was canceled.

Foo Fighters announced the news from their social media accounts, but they didn’t give further explanation about his death. Until recently, when some details broke after the drummer’s hotel room analysis was revealed. According to the reports, Bogota’s Emergency Regulation Center received a call from the hotel about someone with a sudden heart problem which was thought to be Hawkins.

Hotel staff called for an emergency when Hawkins had informed them about pain in his chest. However, they were too late as he was not alive when they arrived. According to the police investigations, there were ‘cocaine-like’ substances in the room, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The information provided by the police so far follows:

“According to those close to him, the death could be related to the consumption of narcotic substances. The cause of death has yet to be established.”

The police made sure to warn that the drug usage was not confirmed just yet, especially since further analysis is being made around the cause of the drummer’s death. Unfortunately, the world is used to losing stars to the consumption of substances, whether accidental or not. Hawkins was close to the end of his life back in 2001 when he overdosed on heroin and went into a coma. The drummer was lucky enough to wake up and realize that he had taken the drugs ‘too far.’