Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Furlan Fends Off Pamela Anderson Backlash

Former Vine personality and Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan recently decided to make things clear during a recent chat with Page Six after she received backlash over posting a Pamela Anderson joke on TikTok. Furlan claimed people got her video wrong and discussed how dark humor was a coping mechanism.

Previously, Brittany had posted a TikTok using the filter ’90s Pam Makeup, imitating the actress, acting in an unfazed manner while doing so, and adding the words, ‘Pam if I died,’ atop the video. For the former Vine star, the joke was to point out that Anderson wouldn’t care much if she died. However, apparently, the actress’ fans got her wrong.

So, Furlan wanted to set the record straight and fend off the criticism by saying that people thought she’d make a joke about Pamela dying rather than her. However, the Mötley Crüe icon’s wife added that the fuss had been fun and that dark humor was her coping mechanism while dealing with what she called ‘uncomfy situations.’

Brittany’s reaction to the recent slamming coming from Pamela Anderson fans:

“[They] thought I was making a joke about her dying instead of myself, [it had been] so fun. [However] what will be will be. Humor has always been [my] go-to coping mechanism for uncomfy situations.”

The uncomfy situation Furlan had been mentioning might be the actress’s recently released Netflix documentary, ‘Love, Pamela’ as even Anderson herself had previously commented, “I’m sure it’s going to be annoying to his wife. I’d be annoyed.” So, maybe Furlan’s TikTok showed that Pamela’s prediction was correct.

However, Brittany’s statements indicated that she wasn’t bothered by the backlash. Even though she’d quickly deleted the TikTok video only a short while later, the video was made public. So, for her, humor was how she coped as she’d captioned her deleted video with, ‘Please, guys. I gotta make jokes. This is how I cope.’ Despite all the backlash, neither Tommy Lee nor Pamela Anderson has commented on the issue.


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