Ronnie Radke Threatens Sebastian Bach To Release His Naked Video

Sebastian Bach earlier snubbed the Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke. Now, Radke is threatening him to release his naked video.

What Did Bach Say?

A few days ago, the rocker sat down with Metal Hammer for a Q&A session. He was asked by a fan if he would ever consider ending his two-year feud with Radke. He responded by saying he didn’t know who he was:

“I don’t know who that is. The only way I know that name is from the internet, so they might as well be a Republican politician or a reality TV show star or YouTuber. Whatever opinion someone has on the internet, for me to give a shit, I would have to respect their music first. And I have never heard one note of that band ‘Falling In Reverse’. The only reason I know them is because they seem to love their computers more than real rock’n’roll.”

Radke’s Recent Response To Bach

Days after Bach’s comments, the FIR frontman publicly shared a story on his Instagram about him. The rocker put up what seems to be a screenshot from a video of Bach naked. He threatened him with the following words:

“Please stop talking bad about me before I literally make the internet implode with this video that I have of you with a ball in your mouth pretending to be a dog naked.”

What Caused The Feud?

Their feud came after Falling In Reverse had to cancel a 2022 gig due to losing their laptops containing all their preparations. Radke defended the band against criticism by mentioning that many musicians, including Bach, use backing tracks onstage. Bach responded:

“Wow, dummy, are you trying to say that you believe that I use tracks on stage? Eddie Trunk, how f*cking funny is this?”

Radke also cited a 1986 Queen concert supposedly using full tracks as an example. Bach replied:

“Laptops were not invented in 1986, though. You realize that laptops didn’t come around till like 1997, right genius? So then, how did ‘Queen’ get on the stage? If laptops were not invented, don’t they have to cancel the show? How did this clip happen without laptops? Isn’t that impossible?”

Though Bach says he doesn’t even know who Radke is, the feud seems to go on. See the story Radke shared below.

Credit: Ronnie Radke – Instagram