Ted Nugent Says Dee Snider’s Claims About Him Are Based On Lies And Stupidity


Ted Nugent recently reacted to Dee Snider’s comments about him and his pandemic claims in an interview on The Real Music Observer YouTube channel. He stated that even though Snider’s claims are based on lies, he still loves him and appreciates his musical influence.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic almost two years ago, society has been divided into two. While some people accepted the existence of the pandemic and followed the restrictions and information provided by the health authorities and governments, others argued it was a hoax. After the vaccine’s emergence, this clash became more apparent. Those who believed it was imposed by the government opposed getting the shot and were blamed by others for endangering the community health.

Ted Nugent was one of those who claimed that the virus was spread on purpose by humans, and the vaccine was used to experiment on people. However, in April, Nugent contracted the virus and sadly had a hard time dealing with it. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider took the opportunity to mock him for not believing in the pandemic and the restrictions and vaccines.

Dee Snider had also had criticized Nugent for being a Trump supporter in the past. Even though Snider was also friends with Trump before his residency, he cut off his ties before the election as he disagreed with his beliefs. Yet, Ted Nugent continued to stay friends with him, which was criticized by Snider.

Nugent was pretty offended by these comments because he loves Snider very much. In his recent interview, the interviewer criticized Snider’s views on the pandemic, which allowed Nugent to share his point of view. The guitarist stated that the singer condemns and criticizes him all the time, but he still loves him for what he brought into the rock and roll world and called him ‘smart.’

Here are Nugent’s words about Snider:

“I love Dee Snider. I think he’s hysterical. I’ve heard all kinds of statements that he’s been criticizing and condemning me and attacking me. But I still love him because all the attacks and the criticisms are based on lies and stupidity. But I still love the guy. I think he’s just a major force in the world of rock and roll. And he’s a really smart guy most of the time.”

You can watch the full interview below.