Dee Snider Slams Ted Nugent By Calling Him ‘Conspiracy Theorist Loud Mouth’

Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider posted a couple of new tweets on his official Twitter page and answered his fan’s question about Ted Nugent. He expressed his thoughts on Nugent’s change from a rebel to a Trump supporter forgetting his past when he was a draft dodger.

Today’s Ted Nugent has been known for a pro-gun activist, Trump supporter rather than his previous rebellious behaviors against the government. As a republican, Nugent supported Donald Trump during the elections. Shortly after, he visited Trump and had dinner with him describing it as a family reunion at the White House.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, he continued to support his statements and perspectives on the global pandemic. Nugent also defined COVID-19 as ‘Chinese shit’ and as just a kind of flu. According to him, it was manufactured to target the president’s current achievements and re-election process.

Nugent also stated that people can’t be forced to wear masks or get vaccinated and it was against human rights. Recently, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 positive and blamed Democrats for sending him letters wishing him dead calling them a satanic cult. In addition that,  he said that America’s current president Joe Biden was the worst human possible to represent the country.

Unlike Nugent, Snider declared that he was no longer friends with Trump not sharing his views about important issues and he had the right to speak about political issues. In his reply to the fan’s question, he talked about Nugent’s a draft dodger -a group that opposed the obligation to serve in the military- during the Vietnam war and how he became a wrong-wing conspiracy theorist forgetting who he was.

Here’ what he wrote:

“Forgetting the young man he once was and becoming an ultra wrong wing conspiracy theorist loud mouth. The guy mister “America right or wrong” while he did one of the most over the top, legendary draft dodges in history to get out of going to Vietnam.”

You can see the tweet below.