John Lennon’s Son Julian On Finally Finding Himself

Julian Lennon’s complicated relationship with his father, John Lennon, has made it challenging for the younger Lennon to establish his own identity. However, with his new record ‘Jude,’ it seemed that Julian finally was at peace with himself, as he discussed in a recent interview with American Songwriter.

Lennon had been trying to find his own identity both in his personal and musical life for years, as he didn’t want to live under his father’s shadows. He had previously changed the order of his name by making Julian his first name, and now, the singer discussed that his record, ‘Jude,’ had given him a chance to rebrand his own image.

“‘Jude’ is kind of my life in music in many respects,” told Julian as he discussed discovering his new self-perception. “Creating this album left a clear path moving forward. I’m probably more focused and more at peace than ever before. I know who I am now, and it’s taken many years to get to that.”

The singer had been dealing with the issues related to his late father for years as he tried to heal from old wounds. Even though his complicated relationship with John made it difficult for him to establish his identity, Julian now seems freed from his burdens.