Dave Gahan On What Makes Depeche Mode An Exemplary Rock Band

Dave Gahan recently sat down with Apple Music to discuss what made Depeche Mode a model influence for other rock acts while starting out their careers, along with recalling how they got into the studio in the first place through an old friend’s help.

Bandmate Martin Gore joined the rocker as the pair seemed closer than ever while smoothly answering host Zane Lowe’s questions and taking a nostalgic ride to their early days. Gahan reflected on how Depeche Mode was already performing at numerous clubs in England by the time they got into the studio without the help of a major record deal.

Producer Daniel Miller was there for the band when they set off to record their debut album, ‘Speak & Spell,’ as Miller helped them proceed with the sessions, even buying them a few gears they lacked. Dave then noted how they were still close friends with the producer while firmly appreciating his help.

The rocker recalled the act’s early days and Miller’s help:

“We were already in clubs in England and trying to go other places as well before we even made that record, that first record. So when we went in to record it, luckily, with the help of Daniel Miller, who produced the record and bought a couple of pieces of gear that we used relentlessly on that record.

Daniel, he’s still here with us, and he has the highest regard for everything he does and has done for us. Without him, we most definitely would have not survived those early years.”

Dave continued by discussing how other artists viewed Depeche Mode as model influencers owning to the British band’s modest beginnings without scoring significant bonus checks and managing to become well-known figures in the rock scene without signing into prominent label companies. So, fellow rockers considered them inspirations while starting their own modest careers.

Gahan’s words on other artists seeing them as models:

“I believe it has been quite a big on a lot of other artists, which we also are very flattered by, but they talk about us being sort of influencers in what they do… and I think a lot of it also [has the] identity of a band that built something really from scratch with someone’s help, with Daniel’s help… there wasn’t any paper, we didn’t sign a record deal with an American record company which was a terrible idea at the time, but we were too young and too naive to know what we were signing in seven albums.”

It’s apparent that Depeche Mode already had recognition from local clubs in England and didn’t necessarily need a major record deal to score a prominent place in the rock scene. Their commercial success without the help of a renowned record label inspired other rockers to set routes on their fellow modest paths, making them a model rock act.