Gene Simmons Doesn’t Want To Make A New KISS Album For ‘Free’


KISS’ Gene Simmons recently spoke to Classic Rock about releasing a new album. He indicated that there isn’t much value given to new creations in the new technological age, and he doesn’t look positively to putting out a new record that would be downloaded for free.

Extravagant live shows, unique costumes, catchy songs, and Gene Simmons’ business wit have carried KISS into success and made them one of the most known groups in the music world. Their trademark is recognizable worldwide as they established a particular KISS image throughout their career. After almost half a century of performing and creating, they aim to lean back and enjoy their work’s gems.

They created twenty studio albums and nine live albums throughout their career. The band decided to end their performances with a farewell tour called ‘End of the World Tour,’ which will end at the beginning of 2023. Even though they will not perform anymore, Gene Simmons made a KISS museum in Las Vegas for the fans to reminisce about their legacy. However, the band is not keen to create something new in the age of technology when it comes to music.

According to Simmons, the streaming platforms took away their desire to create something in this age due to the lack of proper payments. He stressed that KISS is not a charity and revealed that he strictly considers downloading or streaming music as not something he approves of as an old-fashioned musician. He stated that an artist should put their values into music because otherwise, it doesn’t have a meaning.

Here is the question addressed to Simmons:

“The last KISS album, ‘Monster,’ was released ten years ago, and there won’t be another. Unless you have something to reveal now?”

Simmons replied:

“I do not. Not to say we don’t enjoy the creative process, but KISS is not a charity. Working your ass off to have somebody download or stream your music for free is not my idea of how things should be. When you don’t put a value on music, it doesn’t have value. So all that’s left for KISS is what’s happening now: The End Of The Road tour.”

It has been ten years since KISS released their last album, ‘Monster,’ in 2012. Since then, the band has focused on continuing their legacy with their image instead of music. Back in 2012, people were still hyped up about the release of music via CDs or records. However, in 2022, most of the world population switched to streaming platforms like Spotify, which is at war with artists for not paying them enough shares.