David Crosby Says Musicians Should Take Taylor Swift’s Advice Against Spotify


The founding member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby, recently shared a post on Twitter, saying that he needs to talk to pop star Taylor Swift, as she’s the only musician who stood up against Spotify and everybody should listen to her advice.

Taylor Swift started to stress the importance of albums to artists and fans before the release of her fifth studio album, ‘1989’ on October 27, 2014. The following month, the singer made a drastic move by removing her entire catalog from Spotify, stating that the streaming company’s free service undermines the premium service, which provides higher royalties for songwriters.

In addition to Spotify, Swift criticized Apple Music for not offering royalties to artists during the free three-month trial period in a 2015 open letter. She then threatened the platform to pull ‘1989’ from the catalog, which encouraged Apple Music to pay artists during the free trial period as well.

In June 2017, Taylor Swift re-added her entire catalog and the 2014 album to Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and other digital streaming platforms as a sign of appreciation to her fans after ‘1989’ sold 10 million copies. Though she allowed streaming platforms to feature her catalog, her actions have fostered debate over music streaming and prompted awareness of property rights among younger musicians.

The little payment these streaming platforms give to the musicians has been an ongoing debate over the years, and David Crosby shared a tweet about this matter in May 2021, revealing his own opinions. According to the musician, Spotify damages the music industry, and it significantly affects the younger generations of artists.

Recently, David Crosby once again brought this matter up by sharing a post on his official Twitter account. The musician first asked his followers to reach out to Taylor Swift as he wanted to get in touch with her immediately. Crosby later revealed the reason behind his wish to speak to Swift in another tweet.

Apparently, Crosby thinks Swift is the only person who managed to successfully let Spotify have it with her previous actions. As a result, the rocker said she could be the only artist other musicians should take advice from in terms of fighting streaming platforms for better payments.

Crosby’s first tweet follows:

“If one of you can reach Taylor Swift I want very badly to speak with her.”

In his tweet, Crosby penned:

“The reason for wanting to speak with miss Swift is that she is the only one who has successfully kicked Spotify’s ass. The only one. I think she could give us good advice. This isn’t over.”

You can check out the Twitter posts below.