A Metalhead’s Date With A Taylor Swift Fan Ends In An Epic Fail

According to a story shared online, a metalhead’s first date with a fan of Taylor Swift took a turn for the worse after a music mishap.

A person posted a story on Reddit called ‘She Left Me Cause of Metalcore.’ He talked about how he took a girl out to a restaurant for their first date, writing:

“So basically. First date. Tall, pretty girl with blonde hair. I pick her up and we are on our way to the restaurant, and then I ask her what kind of music she likes. She says Taylor Swift and that kinda stuff. (I’m sorry, my fellow metalheads, I know) so I let her control the aux for a lil bit. Then she wanted me to play the kind of stuff I’m into. Being into metalcore and all, I was super reluctant. So all I said was, you’re probably not gonna like it. And she said, ‘Of course, I will.’ What cap.”

An Awkward Goodbye

He went on to tell the story:

“I choose ‘Meltdown’ by Motionless in White, and as soon as I click play, I turn to look at her, kind of side-eyeing her, and she’s just smiling at me. Then… BLEGHH, and she makes a disgusted face and looks panicked, so I hit pause. Long story short, she went on to be very quiet for most of the night while we were out eating; then I walked her up to her door like a gentleman, and she looks at me and says, ‘Your music sucks,’ and turns and goes inside, and I’m just holding my arms out ready for a hug.”

Community Reaction To The Story

The Reddit post sparked a discussion among metalcore fans, and many empathized with the man’s situation. The most popular comment suggested:

“If she can’t handle you at your BLEGH, she doesn’t deserve you at your ARF ARF.”

Other users shared their own stories of how different music tastes affected their relationships. One person commented:

“Nah, I love showing people my heavy music. The reactions are usually funny, and I’ve converted each of my girlfriends to metalcore.”

Another individual said music plays a significant role in many people’s lives, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding whether to pursue a relationship. He shared his and his fiancée’s different musical tastes as an example.