Yungblud Responds To A TikToker Criticizing His ‘Fake’ Guitar Playing

Yungblud recently posted a couple of tweets to answer a user’s comment about his guitar playing during one of his concerts. He stated that his guitar playing wasn’t fake and explained the situation by defining him as a bully who needed attention.

As you probably know, Yungblud released his second studio album entitled ‘Weird!’ on December 4, 2020. The album hit the charts, and its singles, ‘Weird!,’ ‘Strawberry Lipstick,’ and ‘God Save Me’ achieved critical acclaim. Furthermore, the young singer collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker for one of the album’s tracks, ‘Acting Like That.’

Then, Yungblud announced his Life on Mars Tour, which started in October 2021 and will end in 2022. After his North America concerts, the singer will perform in Europe and many other countries next year. A fan shared a TikTok video of the musician playing an unplugged guitar during one of his performances. Following that, a user highlighted that he’s not playing the guitar but pretending.

In his recent tweets, Yungblud responded to him, saying that it’s a wireless guitar to play the guitar riff, which doubles the song’s baseline. He added that he couldn’t use his strap, and his guitar player was playing the solo. The singer described the user as a bully who wanted to get attention by attacking him, and he emphasized that he will continue making music no matter what toxic people tell him.

A user’s comment about Yungblud read:

“Guitars not even plugged for f*cks sake.”

Yungblud responded:

“You are a bully who wants a little ounce of attention. Don’t include me in your bullshit. This community’s about love. Go plant a tree and stop talking bollocks.”

He added:

“To whom it might concern, this is the first and last time I will ever explain myself, so listen up. It’s a wireless pack that requires no wire; hence it’s wireless. Secondly, I’m playing the guitar riff, which doubles the baseline of the song and the high guitar an octave down.

(Hence the lower a string and e string,) I can finish playing early to make the vocal because I’m covered by the bass. My strap broke, and my guitar player Adam to the right of me, is clearly playing the solo (rather well, I might add.)

Thirdly, if anyone would like, I will have my soundman bounce the audio of my guitar track from the show. I’ll f’cking mail it to you. I will forever back my art, and I shouldn’t have to explain myself to anybody, but the internet’s full of f’cking morons, so here we go.”

You can see the tweets below.