Phil Collins’ Son Nic Announces The New Band He Will Be Drumming For

Phil Collins’ son Nic Collins recently took to his Instagram to reveal what the future holds for him and announce the band he will join on stage as their drummer.

On March 4, Genesis announced their reunion and ‘The Last Domino? Tour.’ During the tour, Phil Collins’ son Nic took up the drumming duties because Genesis’ usual touring drummer Chester Thompson wasn’t invited. Seeing the father and the son performing on the same stage was an unforgettable experience for Genesis fans and fellow musicians.

Although Phil is a drummer, he didn’t teach his son how to play the drums. Instead, he let him pursue what he wants and take lessons from another drummer. So, Phil Collins didn’t put pressure on Nic to be a drummer, and the young drummer’s primary influences were Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith. After the Last Domino? Tour, Nic continued with his band Better Strangers.

Recently, the young drummer revealed that he would play drums for Mike And The Mechanics throughout the band’s upcoming ‘Refueled!’ tour. In his Instagram post, he announced that the tour would take place in 2023, and he was pretty excited to work with Mike And The Mechanics again as both bands had shared the stage on several dates while Genesis was still active, and Nic had gotten a chance to play with them.

Mike And The Mechanics also revealed details about the Refueled! Tour. According to the band, the shows in England, Scotland, and Wales are scheduled between April 12 and May 28, and they added German shows running until June 7. The Mechanics also announced that Gary Wallis would be unavailable and Nic Collins would replace him for the tour. While Rutherford expressed his excitement for having Nic join them, Nic said it’s a big responsibility to fill in for Wallis.

Nic Collins’ Instagram post read:

“Pleased to announce I’ll be taking up drumming duties on the next Mike And The Mechanics Refueled tour in 2023! It’s been a pleasure sharing the stage with Mike over the last few years, so I’m excited to get back at it with all the Mechanics members. Tickets are available online.”

Mike And The Mechanics also posted the following on Instagram:

“Some news for you! First, the Refuelled! Tour 2023, playing all the hits & a drop of Genesis, has been extended with some German shows added. The shows in England, Scotland, and Wales run from April 12 – May 28, and three days later, the band plays the first of six German dates, running until June 7. More details at Mike And The Mechanics’ official website! Tickets for all shows are on sale now!”

The band then continued:

“Secondly, fresh from the recent Genesis dates, Nic Collins will be looking after drum duties for the upcoming Mechanics tour, as Gary Wallis will be unavailable.

Mike Rutherford said: ‘We’re delighted to have Nic join us for the tour; he has proven over the past five years what a versatile and tremendous drummer he is, so to have him with us on the road next year is going to be a real treat. Gary Wallis has always been the drummer for Mike + The Mechanics and will continue to be so; unfortunately, he is unavailable for this particular tour.’

Nic Collins said: ‘I’m thrilled to be taking up drumming duties on the next Mechanics tour! Playing with Mike over the last couple of years has been a real treat, so I’m excited to continue sharing the stage with him and the other Mechanics members. I feel privileged to be stepping in for Gary Wallis, who’s been with the band for 30+ years. Yet another big pair of shoes to fill!'”

Below, you can check out the pictures Nic Collins, and Mike And The Mechanics posted on Instagram.