Ted Nugent Addresses His Allegedly Romantic Relationship With An Underage Girl


Ted Nugent answered the claims about being a child abuser and having a romantic relationship with a seventeen-year-old girl by becoming her legal guardian. Nugent denied these allegations saying that he has never adopted anyone during his Facebook live stream.

As you know, Nugent has been accused of child abuse ever since numerous women came forth to share their past experiences, including Courtney Love who claimed that she had oral sex with Nugent when she was twelve years old. He denied all these allegations saying that he has never had a relationship with an under-aged girl.

However, it was later proved that Nugent fell in love with a 17-year-old Hawaiian girl named Pele Massa when he was thirty years old. Actually, it was the relationship was not illegal according to the laws of Hawaii but Pele was regarded as a child in the US. Thus, Nugent became her legal guardian with the permission of her parents.

Even though he denied all the news about it in the beginning, he later admitted that he adopted Pele Massa by saying that he had the approval of her parents during one of his previous appearances on the special episode of VH1’s Behind the Music.

Nugent previously said in his interview that:

I got the stamp of approval of their parents. Because they figured that Ted Nugent was better than some drug-infested punk in high school.”

However, it seems that Nugent forgot his own words that confirmed the adoption of his underaged girlfriend Pelle Massa because he targeted Wikipedia and other news sources about this issue during his recent Facebook live stream. Nugent emphasized that he only adopted a few dogs and characterized the claims about adopting his girlfriend, Pelle Massa as a story made up to damage his reputation.

Nugent denied these allegations saying:

“Check out Wikipedia. I adopted a seventeen-year-old. I have never adopted anybody. I have adopted some dogs and turned them into great hunting dogs by the way. See the lies… They just make up shit.

You can watch his previous interview below.