Mötley Crüe Singer Vince Neil Is 60 Now, Here’s The Most Tragic Day Of His Life

The official Twitter account of Mötley Crüe posted a picture of the band’s frontman Vince Neil to celebrate the iconic musician’s 60th birthday, yet, the celebrations on this special day reminded some fans about the most tragic day in Vince’s life.

As you may know, the lead singer of Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil, had to face many challenges throughout his personal life and professional career which he always managed to came out strong. Yet, Neil also had to overcome the losses of his loved ones many times, especially the loss of his little daughter, Skyler.

The iconic musician got married to his second wife, fashion model Sharise Ruddell, back in 1987. The couple remained married for six years up until their divorce in 1993. They had a daughter named Skylar Lynnae Neil, who was born in 1991. Unfortunately, Skylar was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor, which is a kidney cancer affecting children, and passed away on August 15, 1995, at the age of four.

Yesterday, on February 8, Vince Neil has turned 60 years old and his fellow musicians have taken social media to celebrate his special day by sending various messages on social media platforms. The official Twitter account of Mötley Crüe also posted a picture of Neil and urged fans to join them to wish a happy birthday for the iconic frontman.

Here is how the official Twitter account of Mötley Crüe celebrated Vince Neil’s birthday:

“Let’s all wish Vince Neil a very special Happy Birthday!”

You can see the tweet posted by the official Twitter account of Mötley Crüe on Twitter below.