Olivia Jean Recalls Jack White’s Unusual Proposal During A White Stripes Show

Olivia Jean recently chatted with Vogue, disclosing her husband Jack White’s unusual proposal on stage and how it came when she wasn’t expecting it at all.

With Jean’s album, ‘Raving Ghost,’ hitting the shelves quite recently, the rocker took a trip to memory lane to highlight the most important points in her career and personal life by recalling how she came to work with White’s label in the first place and how their relationship blossomed into a romance. So, when the reporter asked about her on-stage proposal, she had to dive into it.

The singer recollected how she was the opening act for one of Jack’s concerts in Detroit, and after her show was over, Olivia decided to hang out backstage in the dressing room, minding her business. It was then someone recommended that she should go and watch White perform, and after cluelessly agreeing, the rocker started making her way to the stage.

She also wrote the chords of the White Stripes track, ‘Hotel Yorba,’ into her hand, a song that Jack had been asking her whether she knew how to play, just in case he would ask her to come up and play. So, when Jean arrived on the stage, her intuition was correct as her boyfriend invited her to the stage to perform ‘Hotel Yorba’ with him, but the performance was cut halfway as White had different plans.

The rocker kneeled down to one knee and asked his girlfriend whether she would marry him, and it was probably quite the scene as Jean was caught off-guard since she didn’t expect the surprise proposal coming. Still, she said yes to Jack, and the couple has been married now for over a year.

Olivia’s words on her boyfriend’s on-stage proposal:

“Jack had me open up his show in Detroit, and after our set, I was in the dressing room just hanging out when someone was like, ‘You should go watch Jack.’ I was like, ‘Okay…’ and good thing I did, I guess because later I learned that he had been planning  to propose during ‘Hotel Yorba.’ He did kind of ask me the week prior when we were just hanging out, ‘Do you know how to play ‘Hotel Yorba’?’

And I was like, ‘No.’ Thinking back now, it all happened so fast. But when I was in the dressing room. I was like, ‘Oh, no, Jack might have me play ‘Hotel Yorba’ with him,’ and so I wrote the chords down on my hand just in case and went to go watch him.

And then I’m on stage playing it with him, and we were midway through the song when he calmed the band down—and then my nerves started building up.

I’m like, ‘Oh my God—what’s going on?! I had an idea, but I wasn’t going to get ahead of myself. And then he asked me to marry him, and then we got married on stage. It was a five-minute engagement. Yeah.”

The couple then carried on with the show and continued performing the track, though it was a bit tough for Olivia to know what she was playing during such a euphoric moment.