Joey Castillo Addresses Scott Weiland’s Uncompleted Solo Plans

Former Queens of the Stone Age member Joey Castillo talked about Stone Temple Pilots lead vocalist Scott Weiland‘s sudden passing during a previous interview with Toby Morse’s One Life One Chance podcast. Castillo revealed that Weiland had solo plans before he passed away that, unfortunately, he could not complete.

Scott Weiland made a massive impact on the rock scene with his vivid and chaotic music personality. He was known for his constantly changing appearance and vocal style. Also, Weiland’s using megaphones during the performances became his signature in time.

Weiland’s thriving career started when he met the bassist Robert DeLeo in 1985 and formed Stone Temple Pilots. They made a triumphant entrance to the music world with their debut album ‘Core,’ which reached number 3 on the Billboard charts. Featuring Weiland’s distinctive style, the group continued its success non-stop with the upcoming records.

In 2003, the vocalist joined the supergroup Velvet Revolver, established by some Guns N’ Roses members and Dave Kushner. He became a part of the band’s highly successful first record ‘Contraband,’ which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. Weiland was on the lead on the hit tracks ‘Slither’ and ‘Fall to Pieces.’

The vocalist also pursued a solo career and released his debut album titled ’12 Bar Blues’ in 1998. He continued his solo work with the upcoming ‘”Happy” in Galoshes’ record and supported it with a tour in 2009. Weiland also formed the band the Wildabouts and released the only album ‘Blaster’ in 2015. Unfortunately, the rocker passed away because of an accidental overdose in the middle of his tour with the Wildabouts in the same year.

In March of this year, Weiland’s bandmate from the Wildabouts, drummer Joey Castillo revealed during an interview that the lead vocalist had many music ideas on his mind before passing. Castillo stated that Weiland reached several musicians, including him he wanted to work on in his upcoming projects. All of them wanted to collaborate with Weiland on these songs. As the drummer addressed, the vocalist was thrilled about his forthcoming solo works before passing away in 2015.

Joey Castillo talked about Scott Weiland’s uncompleted solo works:

“He had a lot of ideas and a lot of stuff he wanted to do still. He was really coming up with some great ideas. I said, ‘Yeah, I can help you out.’ And he had me reach out to a few people who he wanted to work with. And without hesitance, every single one of them said, ‘Yes, I absolutely want to do this.'”

He added:

“He was super stoked with all this. I was his, at that moment, like, ‘Hey, this person said they’re down.’ It was something that he was really excited about. And then, sadly, you know.”

Unfortunately, while his successful music career continued, Scott Weiland passed away at the age of 48 and left behind many hit songs. As Joey Castillo explained, the vocalist had many plans and hopes for his solo career. However, he bid farewell to his career and the fans before he could achieve those plans.