Dire Straits’ Alan Clark Reflects On Working With Mark Knopfler And Bob Dylan

Dire Straits’ Alan Clark gave an interview to Music Radar in which he discussed working with big names like Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan.

Alan Clark joined Dire Straits back in 1980, and he had a great influence on the band’s music up until their disbandment in 1995. Apart from working with Dire Straits, Clark has also collaborated with various successful musicians. In 1983, Clark played with Bob Dylan for his ‘Infidels’ and the following ‘Empire Burlesque’ albums.

Besides, he also worked with Knopfler on several films soundtrack projects, including Knopfler’s most successful soundtrack on the film ‘Local Hero.’ In the interview with Music Radar, the host Daniel Griffiths asked Alan Clark about working with big names like Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler. As a response, Clark said he doesn’t rank them in hierarchical order and sees them as ‘just people.’

Moreover, Clark stated he wants to inspire the musicians he works with while being inspired by them. He said he sees himself as equal to those he works with, and he doesn’t take orders from anyone. According to the musician, the best artists let the ones they work with do whatever they’re good at, as this is why they hire them anyway.

Music Radar’s Daniel Griffiths asked Alan Clark the following:

“What’s it like working with the big names? Dylan, Clapton, Knopfler…”

Alan Clark responded:

“I don’t do the hierarchy thing. When you work with these people… They’re just people… Who just happen to be really good at what they do. Which is brilliant. Because I want to work with people who inspire me, and hopefully I can inspire them back. I put myself on equal footing with them. I don’t take orders from anyone.

There are one or two people who I won’t mention who – probably out of insecurity – can come on like that, but I just deal with them. The best stars are the people who let you do what you’re good at. Because that’s what they get you for.”

Apart from working with Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan, Alan Clark also collaborated with Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, the Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Roger Daltrey, and more. Alan’s music catalog is filled with some of the most prominent figures in rock history, and there sure are many stories he can tell.