Green Day Share A Sneak Peek Video From Their Rehearsals In The Studio

Green Day has been sharing mysterious posts on their social media accounts for a while, which made the fans very excited. They recently posted a sneak peek video from their rehearsals but again didn’t give clear information on what is coming.

The band’s latest and thirteenth studio album, ‘Father of All Motherfuckers,’ was released on February 7, 2020. The album includes ten tracks in total and it attracted attention with its influences from various genres like glam rock and soul. The album mostly consists of highly energetic songs. The band again put their effort to engage the audience with new music.

They had shared a short video clip last month from their Instagram account and in the video, it was clear that the band members were in the studio. They were recording something but they didn’t give any hint about it. The fans gathered under the post and predicted that they are probably working on a new album. Later on, Billie Joe Armstrong shared another post, in which he was performing a new song with his guitar.

It is thought that the new record Armstrong hinted will be included in the band’s upcoming album.  The band again took their official Instagram account to share a sneak peek video from their rehearsals in the studio. They didn’t write anything in the caption, which made the fans wonder even more. We just see them performing and at the end,  the date ‘1972’ appears on the wall.

Actually, in all of their recent posts, we see that they emphasize ‘1972’ although they don’t give any clue on what it is. The band didn’t announce any release date and name of the record but according to some fans, ‘1972’ might be the name of the new album as it also refers to all the band members’ birthdates.