Green Day Hints At New Music In A Teaser Video From Their New London Studio

Green Day recently shared an Instagram post including a short video clip. In the video with short images, it is seen that the band members are in the studio but there is no information on what is coming.

In their career spanning over three decades, Green Day holds a significant place in many people’s hearts. Their huge commercial success paved the way for their international fame and also brought millions of devoted fans. Green Day maybe didn’t invent punk rock music but they changed the face of it by converting it to a mainstream form.

Green Day released thirteen studio albums throughout their long-time career. The latest one, ‘Father of All Motherfuckers,’ was released on February 7, 2020. The album was successful in the charts but it also received some negative comments from the critics. It was praised for its high energy but on the other hand, criticized for the quality of the lyrics and low effort.

Green Day’s recent Instagram post from their new London studio created great excitement among the fans, who are looking forward to any new work from the band. It is obvious that they’re recording something new but they don’t give any information on what it is. Many fans gathered under the post and commented that the band will probably be releasing a new album soon.

Some of the fans’ comments are as follows:

“I guess that rumor about Billie telling a fan that they’re releasing new music soon is true.”

“They’re all born in ‘72, gotta be the new album name.”

“1972. New album name? Love it! Cuz in 2022 you’ll be 25 for the 2nd time!”

It looks like the fans watched out all the details of the short video and they tried to make guesses on what is coming soon. In the post, the year 1972 is stressed, and if the comments turn out to be right, maybe we will see it as Green Day’s new album name.