Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes Says Rock Was Never Meant To Be A Big Genre

Bring Me the Horizon’s lead vocalist Oli Sykes recently spoke about the rock genre and claimed that rock and roll music didn’t suit to be a mainstream genre.

Rock and metal music varies in genre, and it is challenging to determine what belongs in the genre and what doesn’t. These aspects are usually objective and are up to the listener to decide whether the sound is rock or not. Especially nowadays, a new version of rock is gradually becoming mainstream music, and even names like Billie Eilish are considered rock.

Oli Sykes recently spoke about how the rock and roll industry has become an enormous spectrum nowadays. Back in the days, the general audience wouldn’t accept people in the genre if they weren’t ‘hard enough’ or ‘metal enough.’ The whole idea of rock and roll also included the party and lifestyle. Nowadays, almost every celebrity parties like a rock star.

Sykes stated that rock music was never meant to be a mainstream sound and was more secluded as the musicians of this industry loved the alternative. However, he agrees that having a more extensive spectrum currently is more healthy than being secluded.

Here are Oli Sykes’ words on the current rock music scene:

“The scene is so healthy at the moment. There are so many bands and artists that I’m excited about. There’s so much diversity that was allowed to come through. It’s like celebrating the spectrum of rock music, from alternative acts to death and black metal. Whereas, five to ten years ago, things were a little more segregated. You couldn’t be part of this because it’s not heavy enough, but I think people have given up on that.

It might sound crazy, but one of the Kardashians dating someone from blink-182 is a factor, too. Everything is just a bit rockier now. You remember where Panic! At The Disco was five years ago, and it all started coming back. I think it’s all of these little things that have made it. Rock and alternative music are in the best place ever. I feel like it’s where it’s meant to be.

It’s not the early 2000s when it was the biggest genre, but rock music was never meant to be the big genre; that’s not what it’s about. We’re the alternative people that don’t like the mainstream. We don’t like what’s popular. We have different tastes, we have different urges, and we have different feelings. But, at the same time, there was a point where it felt like it was almost dying. There’s so much excitement around the rock and alternative music out there, and it’s right where it needs to be.”

After Gene Simmons claimed rock is dead, Sykes’ words about the current rock scene came like a proper examination of rock’s new status. According to many musicians, rock is not dying but is growing into a broader spectrum that includes everyone and harbors many tastes.