Slash Says ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Makes Him Feel Vulnerable

With Guns N’ Roses, Slash has contributed to creating many songs that became iconic and well recognized over the years. However, he revealed in his recent interview that one of these songs makes him cringe and feel vulnerable every time he hears it.

Guns N’ Roses earned a place in people’s heads and hearts throughout the years. By releasing catchy and influential songs, the members not only obtained a successful career but also made sure the world never forgets them. Despite many lineup changes, their name was never off the headlines as a band and always grabbed attention.

The band released songs like ‘This I Love,’ ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door,’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ that became huge hits on the radio even until this day. The band’s legacy will surely live on long after them with these songs, but perhaps the most important song that will make sure of that is their 1988 single ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ released in their album ‘Appetite for Destruction.’

Despite all the influence it had on the music world, one of its creators, Slash, seems to dislike hearing it in public places. He stated in a recent interview that whenever he hears this song in a public space, everyone knows it’s him playing, which makes him cringe and feel very vulnerable. He described the feeling as ‘awkward’ for being there when it plays, and the spotlight’s on him.

Here is what he said about the song:

“It’s always exciting if you hear your music on the radio. You know, that’s something that never grows old… If you’re in a bar or some other sort of public place, and all of a sudden your material comes on, it sort of stops you dead in your tracks because for a second you’re like, ‘Oh God, that sounds familiar!’ And then you realize it’s you.

So, in those instances, it depends on what the song is and what band it is, and all that kind of stuff. Because if I walk into a place and Sweet Child O’ Mine comes on, it’s a cringe moment. Like, very awkward. It’s one of those kinds of things that you feel like a spotlight was just put on you. Even if nobody in the room knows you’re in there, you just feel sort of very vulnerable for a second!”

Slash is known to be a little shy as a person off and sometimes on stage. Hence, it seems normal for him to feel uncomfortable when he receives the spotlight every time this song plays in a public space. However, the song’s success proves this unnecessary. As soon as it was released, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ made it to number one in US charts, becoming the band’s only song to reach number one.

You can listen to ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ below.