Slash Reflects On The Difficulties Of Playing In Front Of The Guns N’ Roses Audience

Speaking about how shy he can be off stage, Slash recently said that he uses his top had to hide from the audience and be comfortable on stage.

There is no doubt that Slash is one of the most appreciated and talented guitar players in the world of rock and roll. His ventures with Guns N’ Roses helped him climb the ladders of fame, and he increased his success as a solo musician as well. He became a mainstream performer and a representation of rock and roll throughout the years.

His usual style on stage features sunglasses, letting his long curly hair down and accessorizing it with his iconic top hat. The top hat became a symbol of Slash and is mainly recognized with it even when performing his solo shows. Although he looks fashionable, recently he admitted that there is another reason behind his style.

In an interview, Slash said that the top hat is a way to hide from the audience as he is usually shy when there are people around. The guitarist had mentioned a couple of times that he has a shy personality and was thus asked how he deals with it, considering that he is performing in arenas and stadiums. The singer replied that the stage transforms him into a more outgoing person, but offstage, he is still shy. What helps him be comfortable on stage is nothing but his top hat.

Here is what Slash said about his shyness:

“There is an energy that happens when I actually play in front of an audience that gets me out of my shell and makes it possible. But I also realize that I get really uncomfortable and distracted if I look into the audience. So, that’s something I can totally lose my place if I just look at the audience for more than a second. But I think that’s where the top hat came in.

Because I used to hide behind that. So, there are ways of dealing with it, but there is also an energy that happens when I am playing that I don’t have when I’m not playing. I’m a little bit more flamboyant outgoing when I’m on stage. When I’m off stage, I don’t like to draw attention to myself at all.”

You can watch the interview below.