David Crosby Says Jerry Garcia’s Untimely Passing Put A Halt On Their Projects


David Crosby responded to Steve Silberman’s tweet on his official Twitter account, stating that he and Jerry Garcia had a lot to offer to the music industry if they had the chance.

Garcia was best known as the fantastic songwriter, lead guitarist, and face of the Grateful Dead. The band began its journey in the West Coast counterculture of the 1960s and became a band that toured for over 30 years. Unfortunately, Jerry Garcia was only 53 when he passed away after struggling with health problems and drug addiction. After his passing, many artists, including David Crosby, believed there was still so much that he had to offer to the community.

CSNY icon David Crosby and Jerry Garcia’s paths had crossed before on various projects and live shows. However, after getting a taste of what it would be like to play with the Grateful Dead, Crosby realized it was tough to play with a harmonious band like them. Crosby claimed he was not good enough to play with Grateful Dead and viewed his attempt as unsuccessful.

However, while responding to a follower’s tweet, David Crosby recently stated that he felt like he and Jerry Garcia could have made more music together if they had the time. He added that they had barely ‘scratched the surface’ of what their musical genius could create.

Crosby’s response to a tweet about him and Jerry Garcia’s lost chance of making more music read:

“Me too, big time. We were just scratching the surface of what was possible there.”

You can see David Crosby’s tweet below.