The Poem Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval Wrote After David Roback’s Passing

Mazzy Star’s founding member David Roback and lead vocalist Hope Sandoval were friends before they became bandmates. After Roback brought Sandoval into the band following Kendra Smith’s departure, the duo found harmony in creating music. Hence, they became the creative force behind the act, with Sandoval as the lyricist and Roback as the composer of most of the band’s catalog.

Together, they gave birth to Mazzy Star’s biggest hit, ‘Fade Into You,’ which gained huge success. Roback and Sandoval’s work wasn’t limited to their greatest mainstream success since the band released many other triumphant albums and songs. Their collaboration within the band was one of the most significant reasons their fans loved them, which is why it was heartbreaking to many of them to hear about Roback’s passing.

On February 24, 2020, David Roback passed away from metastatic cancer, sharing the same fate as his former bandmate, drummer Keith Mitchell, who passed on May 14, 2017, from cancer as well. After this tragic news, numerous musicians paid tribute to him, including Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins, Jennifer O’Connor, the New Pornographers’ A. C. Newman, and many more.

One of the people who paid homage to the late musician was his bandmate and close friend Hope Sandoval. The singer shared a post on her official Facebook account, saying, “It’s been a few days since I lost my dear friend, and I am devastated…” She also didn’t forget to thank all of their fans for sending her support and love, noting, “Thank you all for the love.”

Sandoval’s farewell to her partner in crime didn’t end there. She also shared a poem dedicated to Roback. “What will we do now? / Now that you leave me here / Even though the dark blue sky is still radiant / And filled with the comforting sadness / That holds us together,” penned Sandoval in the first stanza of her poem.

The singer continued, “What will we do now? / As you’ve been embraced anyway / Did I stay behind and not notice? /Did you leave a quiet message somewhere? / And I forgot to hear it? / Good night my beautiful friend / Please come back when the hour is sound.”

Since the passing of their bandmate, the remaining members of Mazzy Star haven’t released new material or announced if they would continue without David Roback. As it appears, the band ended when they lost their founding member, guitarist, songwriter, and composer.

Photo Credit: Hope Sandoval – Facebook