Sting Admits His Most Successful Period With The Police Was The Lowest Point Of His Life

Sting recently appeared on a radio broadcast and talked about how his approach to life has changed with the experience he gained over the years. He stated that when he looked back on his time with The Police, he wasn’t happy despite their huge success.

Before stepping into his prosperous solo journey, Sting was the frontman of The Police from 1977 to 1986. The Police achieved becoming one of the best-selling bands of all time and also won many music awards. However, they decided to disband and continue their careers as solo performers. It turned out later on that the issue was not just about that. The band members also had some personal problems with each other as their egos clashed at some points.

They were enormously successful but the tension between the band members led them to separate their ways at the end. During the radio broadcast, Sting was asked about whether the definition of success has changed for him over the years. He stated that he used to associate success with happiness but he realized over the years that it wasn’t the case.

Sting continued by saying that the most successful part of his career was with The Police as they were extremely popular all around the world. However, it was also the lowest point in his life because he didn’t have a good relationship with the other band members, and also his marriage wasn’t going well. Sting noted that that period was a good lesson for him since he is now aware of the fact that true happiness is about building good relationships with others.

When asked about his thoughts on success, Sting replied:

“Before I achieved success, I would have equated it with happiness. To be happy, I need to be successful. But of course, that’s not the case. You know, I think my most successful period was when I was with The Police. We were the biggest band in the world and played in these incredible stadiums and we were top of the charts everywhere in the world.

It was probably my lowest point. You know, because my relations with the rest of the band were going down, my first marriage was failing so it was a time of abject misery and yet you had the world at your feet. That was a good lesson. I recovered from that and now I realize that true happiness are my relationships with my family, with my colleagues, and hopefully with the world in general. You know, I want to have good relations with everyone.”

Below, you can listen to the entire radio broadcast.