Frances Bean Cobain On Blaming Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love

On her 31st birthday, Frances Bean Cobain posted a letter on Instagram, reflecting on her life and past experiences. In the caption following the photos of her friends and family, she shared her feelings towards her parents, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, too.

Toward the end of her post, counting what she learned in life so far, the artist referred to her parents and wrote:

“Lean into failure as a way to learn how to do things differently. Death is our greatest teacher; it is what makes life so precious. Meditate, move your body, be grateful for your health. When your inner child gets wounded, try to remember your parents did the best they could with the tools they were given.”

Throughout the letter, she delved into her relationship with herself and others:

“Forgive yourself & others for not always knowing exactly how to be human. Let go of what you can’t control, which is almost everything. Embrace having control over what you can like your perspective & choices. You can never tell people you love them too much, so celebrate them often & with enthusiasm!”

Sharing some life advice, Cobain went on:

“Be of service. Be of service to yourself too. Falling in love with someone who gives you the gift of peace, makes you deep belly laugh & has compassion when moving through the hard stuff is priceless. Pet dogs, play with kittens, do goat yoga if the opportunity ever presents itself, and don’t forget to save the bees!”

She added to her to-do list as follows:

“Cook even if you suck at it—cackle with friends over ridiculous things you see on the internet. Be messy when getting creative. Try things that scare you. Water your plants. Be patient. Remember to breathe. Take up space even if it doesn’t always feel comfortable. Be nice to anyone working in the service industry & tip really fuckin well.”

The artist ended her post by writing:

“Honor the internal work you’ve done. Acknowledge the work you still have to do. Lastly, adults were right when they told us, as kids, time moves faster the older you get, so don’t take one second of being alive for granted.”

Over the years, Frances Bean Cobain spoke about her strained relationship with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love in different interviews. In 2019, the artist even told RuPaul’s podcast that she felt guilty for receiving the Nirvana frontman’s inheritance because she barely knew him.

During the same episode, Cobain also revealed that she was ‘resentful’ toward her mother for a long time. But things between them reportedly changed after the release of Brett Morgen’s documentary about the late singer, as she told Rolling Stone in 2015:

“We were kind of spooning on this big couch [watching ‘Montage of Heck’]. And we were both crying. My mother held me, cried on me, and just said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.'”

You can read Frances Bean Cobain’s birthday post here.