Klaus Meine Shares The Scorpions Song He’s Most Proud Of


Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine spoke to Louder Sound and named one of the band’s iconic songs he’s proud to create and release, considering its background and meanings. The singer also detailed the tumultuous times while working on the track.

‘Crazy World’ is the eleventh studio album of Scorpions, released on November 6, 1990. It received positive reviews from music critics and the band’s longtime dedicated fans worldwide. Also, it became their only album to reach number one in Germany, so it was an exceptional experience for them. Meine considers one of the songs from the famous record more meaningful and unique than the others, and he has reasons to think that way.

Meine wrote ‘Wind of Change’ after the band visited the Soviet Union, along with the influences of The Cold War and The Fall of the Berlin Wall, which ended the separation between two parts of Germany and became a symbol of unity for the singer and other band members. The track’s striking messages about war and peace contributed to its popularity and commercial success in the charts worldwide.

In addition, according to the frontman, it’s a peace anthem that he was proud to create, and Meine highlighted that it’s essential for the band’s history. They always aimed to live in a peaceful world free of wars, deaths, and constant conflicts between the countries that must end for the sake of humanity. After sharing his love and respect for their Russian fans, Meine added that he’s sad about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Meine shared his ideas, saying:

“I mean, there are many more, yes, but if I have to pin it down to one single song, this song is just so special in the band’s history because of the meaning, because of the background. When I wrote that song, I was very much inspired by what we saw back then in the Soviet Union, the end of the Cold War, and the coming down of the Berlin Wall. It was a moment where all of us, and the whole world, were looking into a peaceful future about joining together instead of being separated by wars and those differences.

We grew up in the shadow of the Berlin Wall all those years when we were kids, and this was such an amazing moment in our life that changed the whole world. It was like, ‘Now we join together and leave the past behind.’ We had so many amazing moments, so many emotional moments we shared with our fans in Russia, but this is about the regime, and many people in Russia don’t know the truth. That’s just a fact, and it’s so sad to see what’s going on and so many people are dying every other day. It breaks your heart; it’s really sad.”

You can listen to the song below.