Ted Nugent Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Tom Morello And Rage Against The Machine

Ted Nugent recently spoke with ‘Torg & Elliott’ on QFM96 and questioned whether Tom Morello and Rage Against The Machine really ‘raged’ against the system.

However, before ‘exposing’ his friend, Morello, Nugent first started off by praising the RATM guitarist. He said:

“Well, you know, Tom Morello is a dear friend of mine, but when you really examine his pragmatic priorities, he’s a hard worker. So am I. He loves his family and protects and provides for his family. So do I.”

Then, the tone of the conversation shifted as Ted continued by criticizing Tom for wearing Che Guevera, an Argentine Marxist revolutionist, printed shirts:

“But anybody, with all due respect, anybody that would wear a Che Guevara shirt has lost their mind. Che Guevara would’ve killed Carlos Santana and Tom Morello first. So, we have to be smart and be co-cognizant of real historical truisms, facts, and evidence.”

The guitarist carried on by further criticizing Morello and his bandmates while questioning whether the band actually ‘raged against the machine:’

“When think that you rage against the machine — and I love the guys; I love their piss and vinegar — but let’s examine it, shall we, gentlemen? Are they raging against the machine that built their concert facility? Are they raging against the airline industry that flies them to the concert?”

He lastly added before putting an end to the topic:

“Are they raging against the machine that built their guitars and drums? Are they raging against the machine that built the hotels they stay in? Gimme a break.”

Morello, after receiving backlash, had previously defended his friendship with Nugent, feeling their political differences weren’t obstacles in their way of forming a friendship.

Nugent, however, carries on by stating that he defends ‘truth, logic, and common sense’ as Tom isn’t the only rocker he criticized. The rocker previously criticized Kevin Bacon by asking him to apologize to God while also slamming Dolly Parton for engaging in ‘satanic activities.’