Ted Nugent Accuses Dolly Parton Of Being A ‘Satan Artist’

Ted Nugent recently chatted on his Facebook show, the Nightly Nudge, and made it clear that he was back at it again with another brutal slamming session, and in this particular one, none other than Dolly Parton found herself in the crosshairs.

So, Nugent and his co-host decided to talk all about country music and the current state of the genre, and the rocker, to no one’s surprise exactly, let the leash loose and didn’t hold back while claiming that country music had turned into ‘drag queen music,’ and sexualized children.

He then continued by addressing Parton and criticizing her for being not a country artist but a ‘Satan artist.’ The guitarist’s accusations came in the light of a Wisconsin elementary school’s recent decision to ban Dolly and Miley Cyrus’ collaboration, ‘Rainbowland,’ stating that the track wasn’t appropriate for young children.

Ted then invited all the country artists who he found talented to stick out for the genre and stop its marginalization. He especially called out to Chris Stapleton, who had performed the national anthem at Superbowl and invited him to fight for country music and save the genre from its current state.

The rocker’s words on country music and criticism of Parton:

“How have we let country music turn into drag queen music? Anything more anti-country than celebrating the perversion of drag queens and the sexualization of young boys and girls by perverted fat men dressed like wh**s, and we got a country artist that is celebrating this. She’s not a country artist; she’s a Satan artist.

I wish I knew more names; there are so many gifted talented people up there. The guy that played the national anthem at the Super Bowl, what’s his name… Chris Stapleton? You guys need to speak up; I mean, tolerance has a limit.”

When it comes to Nugent, he never holds back from publicizing and vocalizing his political views and letting others know what he considers and finds ‘right.’ In this recent episode of ‘Ted-slamming-other-artists-for-a-minute-straight,’ Parton did the honors as the rocker brutally criticized her for being a ‘Satan artist’ and representing everything that is ‘anti-country.’