Slash Shares Sad Announcement About Velvet Revolver

Slash recently discussed his time in Velvet Revolver with Ola Englund. He mentioned the band’s dynamics following Scott Weiland’s departure in 2008 and explained whether they had plans to return:

“Velvet Revolver, when Scott was ousted from that, we toyed with the idea of maybe getting a replacement singer and continuing. Matt [Sorum] and Duff [McKagan] auditioned a few different people and we wrote a bunch of songs. But I think as soon as it ended with Scott it ended with me.”

His words went on:

“Because I felt it was a really hard band. We went through a lot in that band and Scott was very difficult. I just couldn’t see anybody coming in necessarily to replace him. But I did go through the process a little bit and then nothing came out of it. So, I just sort of moved on. There’s no interest in bringing it back.”

He Never Wanted To Comeback

Velvet Revolver reunited for one-off shows in 2010 and 2012, without any mention of plans for a full-blown return. In fact, Slash reflected on the 2012 benefit concert in a chat with Classic Rock as follows:

“That period right there, I was going, ‘F*ck. Now what am I going to do?’ Because there was no chance Velvet was going to get back together.I don’t know if you know this, but when Velvet Revolver first started, I was knee-deep in doing a solo record. I was playing with Steve Gorman on drums. Actually, that was where ‘Fall to Pieces’ started.”

The guitarist shared:

“Anyways, I was back to that solo stuff. Back in that place, where I really didn’t know what I was going to be doing. That’s when I embarked on the [2010’s self-titled debut] solo record, and then I met Myles [Kennedy], and Myles turned into a relationship that spanned eight years now.”

The Guitarist’s Time In The Band Was ‘No Fun’

The band faced internal problems during its run reportedly due to Weiland’s drug addiction. The singer relapsed even though he voluntarily entered rehab in his last year in the lineup.

Slash described his days in Velvet Revolver to Rolling Stones by saying:

“As crazed as that whole period was, I was still shocked to hear about Scott [Weiland’s death in 2015]. But yeah, Velvet Revolver was no fun. I have nothing positive to say about that experience except that we did write some cool stuff.”

Scott Weiland passed away due to accidental drug overdose on his tour bus.