Justin Hawkins Says Twenty One Pilots Wasn’t Like What He Expected

Justin Hawkins changed his mind about Twenty One Pilots after listening to them.

The singer recently released a new video on his official YouTube channel and commented on Twenty One Pilots’ recent single, ‘Backslide.’ Hawkins stated:

“This isn’t what I was expecting at all. I always thought that Twenty One Pilots was this high-energy kind of metal rap fusion thing but this is really chill, as some of my younger acquaintances say. I feel like it’s got some really interesting harmonic stuff happening. A good bit of dissonance. I’m going to give it another listen.”

Back in February, Twenty One Pilots hinted at a new era with possible new music. Fans noticed changes in the band’s online presence, with updated album artwork and mysterious messages from a fictional place called the Sacred Municipality of Dema. Billboards featuring the band have also appeared, and it caused speculation about upcoming announcements.

The New Album Is On The Way

The band announced a new song called ‘Overcompensate,’ on February 28 and released it on February 29. They also announced their seventh album, ‘Clancy,’ to be released on May 17. Later, they said each song on the album would have its own music video. Tyler Joseph spoke about this decision:

“When I first told Josh [Dun, drummer] and Mark [Eshleman, collaborator] and everyone on our team that I wanted to do a music video for every song on the album ‘Clancy’ that’s coming up, I told them it’s because I love these songs, and I believe in them enough to pretend to sing in front of a camera to each one. And that’s what we’re going to do because that’s how I want to present this album.”

So, the band changed their release date to May 24 as they needed more time for the videos. Their new album will include 13 songs in total. Twenty One Pilots’ Clancy World Tour to promote the new record will start in August 2024 in Denver, Colorado, and conclude in May 2025 in London.

Below, you can watch Hawkins’ full video and listen to ‘Backslide.’