Ted Nugent Is Determined His Project Will Save Wildlife

During a recent appearance on the Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent seemed committed to his mission to use his project as a means to safeguard wildlife.

After saying that more than 50% of licensed hunters don’t vote, he explained:

“If we could get a meaningful percentage of licensed hunters to vote, we would put all wildlife back in the asset column instead of the liability column with the denial and the disgusting hatred for balanced wildlife and wildlife habitat.”

The rocker continued, detailing America’s problem at the moment:

“My point is that apathy has created every problem America is facing right now, and many of the problems America is facing right now is cultural suicide. So hunters, please go to hunter.org, join, become a member, and get those bullet points where we can save the mountain lion, we can save the wolf, and we can save the bear, and we can save the sandhill crane, and we can save wildlife by keeping them as an asset a renewable asset that is worth money and family hours of recreation.”

Nugent also added, accusing the media and the educational system:

“It is so damn simple that the brainwashing of our anti-education system and the anti-nature media and the nature-hating Hollywood freaks, they have brainwashed people that if you stop the bear season, the bears will just continue to live. No, they won’t.”

Ted often talks about hunting in his live streams and urges others to do so too. Last year, he mentioned how hunting families didn’t vote much again and said they should, as it would strengthen their influence. He also reflected on why he found Hunter Nation, noting:

“I discovered on that incredibly positive note the heartbreaking tragedy and reality that so many of those hunting families do not raise their voices. They are not voting and are not registered to vote. So when we found that out, we decided to actually create an organization that spearheaded the very concept of life and death, the concept of the future of wildlife, which happens to be the future of quality air, soil, and water when you get down to the annual calendar of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Hunter Nation was born as the tip of the spear.

The musician is the spokesperson for Hunter Nation, which aims to safeguard and uphold the United States’ hunting legacy and the customs linked to hunting. They intend to unite hunters nationwide to collectively advocate for their hunting privileges.

You can watch the video below.