Courtney Love Calls ‘Babylon’ The ‘Fight Club’ Of The Decade

Courtney Love, the iconic rock musician and actress, has recently taken to Twitter to sing the praises of Damien Chazelle‘s ‘Babylon.’ In a series of tweets, Love expressed her admiration for the movie, particularly Margot Robbie‘s performance, and lamented the lack of interest it received in theaters.

Despite high expectations, ‘Babylon’ did not fare as well as anticipated at the box office. The movie garnered mixed reviews, with some critics finding fault in various aspects of the production. Courtney Love, however, disagreed with these naysayers and believed the movie deserved more appreciation.

Responding to a positive comment about ‘Babylon’ made by critic Brendan Hodges on Twitter, Courtney expressed her love for the movie and praised both its storytelling and Margot Robbie’s acting. She also voiced her anger towards those who didn’t appreciate the movie and blamed them for robbing her of the chance to see it in theaters.

On the other hand, the musician did have one issue with the movie: its costume design, which was not exactly time-accurate, according to her. She pointed out that her stepmother had the same dress featured in the film back in 1976. Nonetheless, she deemed this a minor problem and maintained that ‘Babylon’ was a ‘glorious’ film.

Love’s tweet read:

“Took me two sessions to watch the piece of art! That is ‘Babylon!’ Brendan Hodges, so correct! Also? I’m now convinced Margot Robbie [is a] movie star! Genius! F*ck you guys that didn’t get it, you robbed me of going to the theatre. Redeem ‘Babylon.’ So great!”

She expressed her point by saying:

“My only issue with ‘Babylon’ was the costume design fail (& an editor not afraid to tell Chazelle to trim here & there.) Hey! My fancy Ford model stepmother from NYC had that same Lurex mini dress in 1976! But OK! So what? It’s a glorious film!”

According to Courtney Love, ‘Babylon’ is a work of art that will ultimately have its revenge as the ‘Fight Club’ of the decade. She expressed her fury at the internet for contributing to its box office failure and predicted that people will eventually realize their mistake in not appreciating the movie.

Her tweet went as follows:

“I think ‘Babylon’ is going to have its revenge, rightfully, as the ‘Fight Club’ of the decade (with just a few lil’ shaves Damien. Please?) It’s art, and I’m furious at the internet that made it fail! Watch. Y’all gonna know how wrong you were.”

Love’s comparison of ‘Babylon’ to ‘Fight Club’ is particularly poignant given that the latter movie also faced significant criticism and mixed reviews upon its release. Interestingly, Love was nearly cast in ‘Fight Club’ herself but lost the opportunity after turning down an offer made by Brad Pitt. This decision ultimately affected her relationship with Edward Norton.

Regardless, Courtney Love’s passionate defense of ‘Babylon’ and comparison to the cult classic ‘Fight Club’ highlights her belief in the movie’s artistic value and the injustice of its poor reception. With her outspoken support and predictions for the film’s future, perhaps ‘Babylon’ will indeed find the recognition it deserves in the years to come.