Ted Nugent Says It’s Heartbreaking To See Hunting Families Who Don’t Vote


Ted Nugent recently talked about the families with the same ideas about hunting and wildlife as he does during a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge. The veteran rocker stated that it’s a shame they do not prefer to vote in elections, which prevents them from having an army of votes.

Aside from being a well-known guitarist, Ted Nugent has advocated for many of his ideas, including hunting, gun rights, and conservative politics in America. The guitarist is very much included in the wildlife and encourages people to hunt consciously. While doing so, he also created quite the controversy after verbally attacking vegans and vegetarians.

His questionable views have grabbed a lot of attention from the media and the people. However, he constantly streams live on his official Facebook and YouTube accounts to share them and gain more followers and haters each time. With his leadership, his fans even support him in his decision to run for the presidency.

His ideas about hunting emerge in almost every one of his live streams, and he encourages people to do the same. Uncle Ted recently reflected on families who hunted and complained about how those families do not prefer to vote. He stated that they should vote and promote hunting more as it would create an army of votes. Not only them but also the government and the media should be able to promote and celebrate the hunting lifestyle.

Nugent’s statement on hunting families is as follows:

“I discovered on that incredibly positive note the heartbreaking tragedy and reality that so many of those hunting families do not raise their voices. They are not voting and are not registered to vote. So when we found that out, we decided to actually create an organization that spearheaded the very concept of life and death, the concept of the future of wildlife which happens to be the future of quality air, soil, and water when you get down to the annual calendar of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Hunter Nation was born as the tip of the spear.

We already had an army of conservationists, but they weren’t an army of votes. So, Hunter Nation is about if you believe in God, family, country, the hunting lifestyle, resource stewardship, boots on the ground, environmental monitoring, and activism, if you really believe that as a hunter fisherman, and trapper, you have a responsibility to promote, never defend. I’ve never defended hunting, it’s so perfect it needs no defending, but in a world of political correctness and dishonesty run amok in academia, the media, and government, we need to promote it and celebrate it.”

You can watch Nugent’s video below.