Ted Nugent Slams Sebastian Bach For Not Seeing The Truth

Ted Nugent has spoken once again to let his audience know where he stands on various matters, from equality to, well, most recently, Sebastian Bach. As Nugent criticized the current American society, even a Canadian, Bach, received his fair share of Ted’s criticism. The guitarist discussed on Facebook during an episode of The Nightly Nuge podcast how the former Skid Row frontman couldn’t see the truth.

“I spend every week, Keith, with the heroes of the U.S. military who dragged their blood brothers off the battlefield in pieces,” said Ted, as he criticized the contemporary society. “Is it for this? They’re so pissed off; they are so heartbroken; they are so let down that the country they fought for has turned into a drag queen sass pool of pure rot and engineer recidivism and celebrating violent criminals while punishing good American families.”

Nugent then criticized Sebastian Bach and exclaimed, “You don’t need my take on that. Everybody sees this, except maybe Sebastian Bach, who went to ban all the ducking rifles and shotguns; I’m sure somebody knows how to duck a rifle up in Canada.”

The singer promised always to speak and stand by the truth he believed in. He said, “We could just never stop, ever on the Nightly Nugent never ran out of bizarre, illogical, anti-science, anti-sense, anti-reason, anti-truth, and sanity; and Uncle Sam is at the helm of the bad ship suicide, and we need to get this right.”

So, Ted is quite pissed that the current U.S. society has disappointed the ‘good’ American families while celebrating violent criminals. This, Nugent argued, also let down all the soldiers who had fought for the country, which, in Ted’s words, has turned Uncle Sam’s land into an illogical state.