Nick Cave Expresses His Burden Of Responsibility For His Son’s Death

Nick Cave recently joined a conversation with the Guardian and shared if he feels guilty for the death of his two sons.

In 2015, his 15-year-old son Arthur passed away after trying LSD. He fell from a cliff near their home in Brighton. Then, in 2022, his 31-year-old son Jethro, who had schizophrenia, died in Melbourne. Cave said the following about feeling responsible for their death:

“I think it’s something that people who lose children feel regardless of the situation, simply because the one thing you’re supposed to do is not let your children die. Forget that. The one thing you’re supposed to do is protect your children.”

Cave Replies Another Question About Arthur

The host wanted to know whether he blames himself because drugs played a role in Arthur’s death. Cave replied:

“There could be some element of that, yep. Look, these things are in our DNA; they’re inherited. I don’t want to make any assumptions about Arthur, who was just a young boy. It’s not like he was into drugs … On a fundamental level, it’s against nature to be burying your children. And there can’t help but be feelings of culpability.”

Leonard Cohen Gave His Support to Cave

In a 2023 chat with BBC Radio 4’s ‘This Cultural Life,’ Cave talked about his son Arthur’s death again and revealed a supportive message he received from Leonard Cohen. The singer shared what he felt about it then:

“At the time, that was out of the blue; it was a compassionate act. These things kind of change the way you see the world and understand your own potential. These small acts of kindness can have huge reverberating impact on things, and I think that helped me enormously. I remember that.”

Fans also supported Cave after Jethro’s death with their messages. The musician responded to one fan’s letter on his website, The Red Hand Files. He said he appreciated the support during his challenging time.