Dave Grohl’s Latest Comment Fuels Anticipation For Nirvana Reunion

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl joined an interview with Q Magazine and shared his feelings about Nirvana’s reunion in 2018. Grohl admitted he got emotional while playing drums for Nirvana songs once again, but this time without Kurt Cobain. Dave stated:

“It’s difficult territory. It’s wrapped up in beautiful memories and sadness. Krist and I have different feelings about it than other people. I miss playing those songs, I miss being that drummer. That music lasts forever. We share it with someone. Someone is missing. You never forgot that for one second. When we’re backstage running through them, Krist, Pat, and I look at each other and the mood goes in waves. You’re hit with sadness, then you crash into a euphoric release.”

In 2018, Nirvana’s surviving members, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear, joined Dave Grohl on stage for a reunion show. They played six Nirvana classics, including ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ This brief reunion made both fans and Dave Grohl remember the good old days of Nirvana.

Dave Grohl Considered Reuniting Nirvana

In a 2018 interview with Kerrang, Grohl confirmed he thought about the idea of bringing Nirvana back in the future. He also mentioned that considering the loss of Kurt Cobain, it was a delicate territory. Grohl explained:

“After we played the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I considered the idea that, if there was an opportunity, we could do it again. But it’s delicate territory, and you can’t treat it like just another show. It’s very complicated and very special. In those moments, when it just happens naturally, I think is the best way.”

Grohl hasn’t made any efforts to bring the band together with Pat and Krist yet. However, we will keep hoping that the Foo Fighters frontman will make the Nirvana reunion happen someday.

You can watch the entire Nirvana reunion show via YouTube below.