Shinedown’s Zach Myers Responds To Fans ‘B-tching’ About Merch And Ticket Prices

During a recent interview with Jeremy White Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers has reacted to the concerns about ticket and merchandise prices, addressing fans who have been ‘b*tching’ about them. In the interview, the guitarist also expressed his frustrations regarding the economic factors that have compelled them to increase their prices. When White mentioned the ungrateful fans, the guitarist replied with:

“We try to keep our tickets super low, that’s something that we really fight for. You gotta sell a lot of tickets if you’re gonna keep a low ticket price and luckily, knock on wood, we’ve done that. But yeah, it’s a lot. The people b*tching about the shirt thing, a $40 shirt, a $45 shirt, I’m like, ‘Listen man, the venue has taken %30 of this off the rip. Then it cost another $9-$8 to print the shirt, then I gotta pay a manager, I gotta pay a businessman.’ Everyone’s making this money before all the bands are.”

Despite getting the money after everyone else, the rocker is still grateful for everything. He continued:

“I’m not complaining man. We’ve been very blessed and we’ve done very very well for ourselves. None of us are wondering where to eat tomorrow or if we’re gonna have the money to, but for people to be like, ‘Oh all these bands got hundreds of million dollars,’ that’s not the case anymore.”

Bands Are Taking Action For The ‘Insane’ Venue Cuts

Many bands have been increasing their merch prices due to the venue merch cuts. As a result, both bands and fans have started to take action.

Shinedown is not the only band that has spoken up about the venue cuts and mandatory price increases. Architects also addressed the situation and even proposed striking in protest of the cuts. Speaking out against the ‘insane’ cut of merch profits taken by the venues, Architects drummer Dan Searle encouraged bands to consider refusing to play live until a change is made. Myers was among those who supported the act, including You Me At Six’s Josh Franceschi and Silent Planet’s Alex Camarena.

Despite their comments, the mentioned bands went on tour and the issue hasn’t been solved since then.

You can watch the interview below.