The Reason Frances Bean Cobain Regrets Inheriting Kurt Cobain’s Fortune

Frances Bean Cobain is a visual artist and model who is the only child of Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole’s founder Courtney Love. She was born on August 18, 1992, two years before her father’s tragic death, in LA, California.

On April 1, 1994, Frances visited Cobain at a rehab center named Exodus Recovery Center, without knowing this was the last time she would see him alive. One week later, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle. From then on, Frances was raised by her mother, aunts, and paternal grandmother.

Frances Cobain attended Bard College and studied art during her early adulthood. Currently, she is pursuing a modeling career, creates artworks as a visual artist, and makes musical efforts. However, her main source of income is her late father’s estate which is around $100,000 per month, but it seems she regrets inheriting it. Let’s learn why.

Frances Bean Feels Guilty About Inheriting Kurt Cobain’s Fortune As They ‘Never Met’

Back on August 18, 2010, Frances inherited 37% of her late father Kurt Cobain’s estate. Moreover, she currently controls the publicity rights to Cobain’s name and image instead of her mother Courtney Love. It was reported that Frances earns around $100,000 per month from the royalties related to her father’s estate, and has a net worth of $11.3 million.

In an interview on RuPaul: What’s The Tee? Podcast, she revealed that she isn’t sure how to feel about this money, and often feels guilty about having it. Frances stated that she didn’t earn this money, and it feels like a giant loan she’ll never get rid of. Following that, she admitted that she probably feels that way because it came from someone she has never met.

As reported by Yahoo! Finance, Frances Bean Cobain told RuPaul: What’s The Tee? Podcast the following:

“My relationship to money is different because I didn’t earn it. And so it’s almost like this big, giant loan that I’ll never get rid of. I have an almost foreign relationship to it or guilt because it feels like money from somebody that I’ve never met, let alone earned myself.”

It seems like Frances regrets inheriting her father’s money because she never had a chance to spend time with him and get to know him. Considering that, it’s safe to say that it’s not that surprising she feels this way.