Ronnie Wood Explains How Rolling Stones Decided To Release ‘Tattoo You’

The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood recently posted some photos from 1981 while recording their album’ Tattoo You’ and told his fans how the album came to be.

One of the most cult rock and roll bands, The Rolling Stones, recently released a remastered version of ‘Tattoo You.’ The album includes its original tracks, nine more bonus tracks that haven’t been released before, and live recordings from a concert in the Wembley Stadium. The remastered album was released on October 22, 2021, and delighted fans with its surprise tracks.

The multi-instrumentalist Ronnie Wood recently posted some shots from 1981 on the band’s official account and revealed how they made the album. He stated that they gathered all their leftover music that wasn’t released with their previous records, and they were enough to make an entire album.

Here is what Wood said:

“We realised that there was a lot of great music that we had recorded in the past that had never been released, particularly from all the material we had amassed during the ‘Some Girls’ and ‘Emotional Rescue’ sessions. So, we went back and started sifting through it all, and eventually got to the point where there was an album’s worth.

– Ronnie Wood

‘Tattoo You 2021’ out now.”

It had been seven years since Ronnie Wood joined the band and replaced former guitarist Mick Taylor. Two songs feature Taylor in ‘Tattoo You.’ Other former members and touring members that helped create the album were Nicky Hopkins, Billy Preston, and Ian Stewart.

While many people criticize the band for continuing without drummer Charlie Watts, they released another album to prove their determination and desire to play music. Since their most recent studio album, ‘A Bigger Band,’ dropped in 2005, fans are now happy to hear some new songs.

You can see the photos posted on the Rolling Stones’ Instagram account below.

Photo Credit: The Rolling Stones – Instagram