David Crosby Admits He Did Everything Wrong In His Career Except For One Thing

The 79-year-old singer and songwriter David Crosby recently attended a Q&A for Rolling Stone and confessed that he did everything wrong while pursuing a music career, except for smoking cigarettes.

Crosby has been an example for many musicians that age is just a number. Although he recently said that there isn’t much time left for him to produce music, he still didn’t give up on his talent. He released his recent album ‘For Free’ in July 2021 and proved that there wasn’t any change in his singing voice or energy.

His fans, without a doubt, noticed that no matter how old Crosby is, he still has a remarkable voice that makes you question how he has preserved it. This is what one of his fans asked in his recent Q&A. His fan claimed that to preserve his body, mind, and voice at this age, he must have made a pact with the devil. 

Here is what the fan asked:

“What sort of deal did you make with the devil not only to live this long but somehow to preserve your singing voice. How can I summon the dark forces of hell to make such a deal myself? I’m only half kidding. I cannot think of any other explanation for the current state of your body, mind, and voice other than the satanic intervention.

Crosby laughed off the devil comment and continued to look for an explanation for his talent. He ultimately stated that there isn’t an explanation and even confessed that he did everything wrong in his career. Crosby then revealed that perhaps the reason he is still able to preserve his voice is that, unlike many others, he did not smoke cigarettes. 

Crosby responded to the question as follows:

“Well if it is kind of inexplicable, I’ll give you that, I did everything wrong. No, I didn’t do everything wrong. I didn’t smoke cigarettes. There, I did something right. And that may be the key difference between me and the other people. I did smoke a China Pot. I still do pot but I vaporise it it’s better for you to know. I don’t have an explanation. I don’t have a real excuse for why my voice is the way it is man, what I figure is as long as it works I should use the hell out of it as much as possible.

This is going to sound a little corny, but I’m an old hippie and I think music is a lifting force. I think it makes things better makes people happy when I give it the best shot I can while the voice is still working. I do have another record coming out. You know I am sort of naturally magnificent anyway but I think – I’m kidding. I think you’re gonna like it a lot, and if I get to do another one, I will.”

He also talked about how music is his driving force and stated that he will continue making music until his voice can’t take it anymore. He showed his fans that he is a man of his word because his productivity is unmatched. Crosby revealed that he has another record coming out and maybe even another one after that.