David Crosby Says The Pandemic Stole His Last Functioning Year

The Byrds guitarist David Crosby talked about the future of his music as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over his career during a recent appearance on Ultimate Classic Rock.

About a week ago, David Crosby released his eighth studio album, named ‘For Free,’ which peaked at number two on UK Independent Albums charts. Previously, he released ‘Here If You Listen’ back in 2018.

In the recent conversation he joined, the 79-year-old frontman shared his thoughts about the aging problem and admitted that he doesn’t have much time to create music all over again. While David was admitting that he doesn’t know how much time there’s left for him, he also stated that the end is inevitable especially when you are getting older and older.

Furthermore, Crosby touched upon the fact that this year might be his last functioning year due to his age and said that COVID-19 took it away from him by forcing him to postpone all the tours. As David said, he had over five shows throughout the last two years, but he had to postpone them. Moreover, David doesn’t think that he could make another bus tour physically, even though it is possible to do so in the future on paper.

David Crosby on his career:

“I know it’s going to end. I mean, that’s what happens. You get old, you die. You don’t know how much time you’ve got. You don’t know if you’ve got two weeks or 10 years.

I think maybe COVID stole my last functioning year. I had three tours booked for the summer and they were good. I had two tours with me and James and the Sky Trails band, and another one of just me and Marc Cohn and Shawn Colvin, going out and staying onstage together and trading songs.

That would have been spectacular. I lost all three of those tours and I don’t think I can do another bus tour. Never say never: Maybe I could do residencies if they paid me enough. But I think it’s entirely possible that I may not get to play anymore.”

Later in the conversation, David Crosby also talked about his latest studio album ‘For Free’ as well as the ‘Secret Dancer’ song, explaining the song-writing process to the fans.