Garth Brooks Recalls His Intimate Moment With Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

Garth Brooks recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where he shared an unexpected encounter involving Aerosmith‘s lead vocalist, Steven Tyler. He gave insight into the intimate moment he shared with Tyler backstage at Shea Stadium before taking the stage.

During his appearance on the show, on a round of Rockstar Roulette, Garth shared the story about the time he bumped into Tyler. Billy Joel and Brooks were scheduled to perform before the final show at Shea Stadium, New York.

Due to time constraints, Brooks had to prepare for the performance in the stadium’s public baseball showers. In an unexpected turn of events, Tyler was also taking a shower to prepare for his performance when the two musicians made eye contact.

Garth Brooks’ words about the moment he shared with Steven Tyler read:

“Oh, I showered with him. So we’re playing the last play at Shea, Billy Joel. They’re getting ready to tear down Shea Stadium, New York. I go out there, and I’m late anyway, and they have just the baseball showers, and I’m in their showering, getting ready for the show. I had soap, my eyes and I look around, and there’s Steven Tyler. He’s showering too. ‘Hey, how you doing?’ How many people get to say that? Beautiful cat at the end of the day.”

You can watch Brooks share his funny encounter with Steven Tyler below.