The Reason Why Roger Waters Is The Most Controversial Member Of Pink Floyd


Although Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters is widely known for his tenure with the band during which he was the brilliant conceptual leader and created monumental albums such as ‘The Wall,’ ‘The Final Cut,’ and many more, the bassist is also regarded as the most controversial member of the band due to the fact that he makes the headlines with his incredibly debatable statements about other celebrities, countries, and musicians he releases pretty much every other day.

As some of you might know, Roger Waters has a number of scandalous moments mostly because of his unapologetically honest attitude about anything and everything he needed to express himself about. One of the biggest feuds he has is with his former bandmate, David Gilmour with whom Water has been experiencing opinion clashes over Pink Floyd’s work for the last 36 years since the departure of the Pink Floyd bassist in 1985.

The most recent allegation about Roger Waters was revealed by David Gilmour himself who stated during an interview that his bandmate had sexist and mocking behaviors when he found out about his then-girlfriend Polly Samson’s helps with Pink Floyd’s music, especially with the lyrics. In addition to this, the two recently fought over the release of a new mix of ‘Animals’ since both sides blame each other for the reason of its delay and fans are quite confused while expecting this remix to be released.

While pretty much every fan of Pink Floyd are now used to seeing Waters and Gilmour fighting, the Pink Floyd bassist had his way of creating controversy over other matters such as his support for Palestinians and boycotting the Israeli government in every possible way including asking FIFA and UEFA to exclude Israeli teams from international competition in order to stop racism in soccer which started quite the controversy.

It’s a widely known fact now that the Pink Floyd icon finds the decision of detention of Julian Assange wrong as he has been serving time since 2010 after he founded Wikileaks and published classified diplomatic information. There was also one time when Roger Waters directly took this matter to President Joe Biden after sharing a post on his official Twitter page stating that Julian Assange must be forgiven, thus, the democracy can be saved since his case represents the right of free speech.

There’s no doubt that Roger Waters has a bold use of language as well since he recently opened up about Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg to whom he referred to as a prick during his speech as well as stating that even his wealth cannot change this. On top of these daring statements, Waters also revealed that he was offered a great amount of money when Zuckerberg wanted to use Pink Floyd song ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ for a promotion film of Facebook and Instagram, however, his answer was a simple, ‘Fuck off.

While these incidents only happened in 2021, the music career of Roger Waters goes beyond these as well as his brave allegations and statements about other artists that made him the most unapologetic, straightforward, and honest member of Pink Floyd in addition to being one of the most controversial musicians in the rock and roll history.